Get Cash Back Without Buying Anything: Credit and Debit Card Hack

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Sometimes you need cash, and theres just no any ATM around you. At those moments, you may wonder if you can get cash back, without needing to purchase anything. Here’s the answer, you can.

To get back back from your cards without buying anything:

  • Withdraw money from your card at ATM
  • Use reward programs or cash back apps 
  • Buy gift cards with your card, and then resell them
  • Buy items with your card, and return turn (not very ethical)
  • Buy items using your card, ask for cask back

In this post, we uncover some clever strategies that allow you to do just that. From credit card tricks to making the most of your debit card, we’ll guide you through innovative ways to get that cash back, effortlessly. 

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How to Get Cash Back Without Buying Something

MethodHow to Do It
Withdraw Money From Card– Use a cash advance to withdraw money from a credit card at an ATM. 
– Be aware of higher fees and interest rates for cash advances.
– Some banks have lower fees, especially at their own ATMs.
Reward Programs or Cash Back Apps– Sign up for apps to earn cash back without big purchases.
– Earn cash back for joining or referring friends.
– Cash backs for completing surveys, watching videos, or promo activities. 
Gift Cards– Buy gift cards with a cash-back credit or debit card, and earn points.
– Sell gift cards for cash online, or Exchange gift cards for different ones online.
– Watch out for fees or lower exchange rates.
Returning Items From Card Purchases– Return items bought with a credit card for a refund.
– You may be able to get refund in cash or debit card credit.
– Not very ethical.
Ask for Change– Make a minimal purchase and ask for cash back in change.
– Works well in smaller, local stores.
– Cash back amount usually limited by purchase amount. 
Make Small Purchases With Cards– Make a small purchase, ask for cash back at checkout.
– Avoids the need for an ATM.
– Store policies might limit cash back for credit card transactions.

Withdraw Money From Debit And Credit Card

Usually, the typical way to get cash back at grocery stores or retail stores, is to buy something and ask for cash back at checkout. However, you can also do a cash advance, where you directly withdraw money from your credit card account. Think of it as using your credit card like a debit card at an ATM.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to the ATM, insert your credit card and enter your PIN.
  2. Then, you select the amount of cash you want to withdraw.
  3. Done!

It’s a straightforward way to get cash without having to make a purchase.

This method is especially handy if you’re in a situation where you need cash on hand but don’t want to buy anything unnecessary just to access cash-back options at the grocery store or gas stations.

However, be mindful of the costs. Credit card companies often charge fees for this service, and the interest rates for cash advances are typically higher than those for card purchases. This means the amount you withdraw can come with a significant cost.

Also, unlike regular credit card transactions, interest starts accruing immediately, without any grace period.

A lesser-known insider detail is that some banks and credit unions might have lower fees for cash advances, so it pays to do your research.

For instance, using your bank’s ATM can reduce the ATM fees you might otherwise pay at a non-affiliated machine.

Moreover, while you can easily get cash back at a store when paying with a debit card, credit card cash advances don’t offer the same cash rewards or points that you might earn on regular purchases.

So, if you’re someone who likes to maximize credit card rewards, this might not be the best way to get cash.

Reward Programs or Cash Back Apps

Reward programs and cash back apps have revolutionized the way you get cash back without necessarily having to make significant purchases.

These platforms offer a variety of methods to earn cash back, often without the need to buy something specific or spend a large amount of money.

For example, some apps offer sign-up bonuses or referral incentives. Just by joining or getting a friend to sign up, you can earn a certain amount of cash back. This is a clever way to get cash without making a purchase.

Additionally, many of these apps have partnerships with retail stores or online platforms like Amazon, where you can earn cash back on purchases you would normally make.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Some cash-back apps also offer rewards for:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos, or
  • Participating in certain promotional activities.

These tasks don’t require you to make any purchase but can still earn you cash back or points that can be converted into cash.

Credit card companies also have joined this trend, offering cash rewards for certain types of spending. While these usually involve making card purchases, they often include categories like grocery stores or gas stations where you would normally spend money.

Get Cash Back Without Buying Anything: Credit and Debit Card Hack

What’s more, some credit cards offer a percentage of cash back on every purchase, which means you’re earning money back on your regular spending.

Another tip is to look for special promotions or limited-time offers within these apps. Sometimes, they provide increased cash back rates for certain activities or purchases, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a versatile and often underappreciated tool in your personal finance arsenal, especially when it comes to getting cash back without a direct purchase.

While traditionally used as a straightforward gift option or a way to make purchases at specific stores, there’s a clever twist to using them for cash back purposes.

Here’s the scoop: You can buy a gift card using your credit or debit card that offers cash back on purchases.

This means, for every gift card you buy, you’re essentially earning a percentage of that purchase back in cash rewards.

It’s a simple yet effective way to get cash back without buying something you might not need.

But wait, there’s more. Some savvy individuals take this a step further by selling these gift cards for cash. There are online platforms where you can list your unused gift cards for sale.

Although you might not get the full value of the card back in cash, it’s a viable way to convert gift cards into liquid cash. This method is particularly useful if you’ve received gift cards for stores you don’t normally shop at.

In 2023, the world of gift card exchange has become quite sophisticated. Some websites even offer the option to directly exchange your gift card for a different one that you might find more useful.

Alternatively, certain apps and websites allow you to convert gift card balances into statement credits or deposits into your checking account, bypassing the need to sell the card to someone else.

Remember, while this method is a clever workaround, it’s essential to be aware of any potential fees or lower exchange rates that might apply. You might not get the full value of the gift card in cash, but if you’re looking for an easy way to convert unused cards into something more practical, this could be it.

So next time you’re at a retail store checkout or browsing online and you see the option to buy a gift card, consider using your cash-back credit or debit card. It’s a less common but smart way to maximize your cash-back potential, turning what is usually just a simple gift option into a strategic financial move.

Returning Items From Card Purchases

Returning items previously purchased with a credit card can be an unexpected way to get cash back without technically buying anything in the end. 

When you make a purchase with a credit card at a retail store or online, and then decide to return the item, the refund is typically processed back onto your credit card.

However, in some instances, you might have the option to receive the refund in cash or as a credit to your debit card, especially in smaller retail stores or when the original transaction was very recent.

Here’s where it gets interesting: If you’ve purchased the item using a credit card that offers cash rewards for purchases, you’ve essentially earned points or cash back for a purchase that you’re no longer keeping.

When the refund is processed, you technically retrieve the amount spent while retaining the rewards earned on the purchase. This strategy can be particularly effective with larger purchases or in stores like Amazon, where returns are quite streamlined.

However, there are a few things to be cautious about. Some credit card companies track returns and may deduct the rewards earned on the returned purchase from your account.

Additionally, frequent returns can sometimes flag your account, leading to potential issues with the credit card company or the retailer.

Get Cash Back Without Buying Anything: Credit and Debit Card Hack

It’s important to note that this method shouldn’t be abused. Ethically, it’s a grey area, and as a financial strategy, it should be used sparingly. It’s not about making purchases with the intent to return them, but rather a way to still derive some benefit from a purchase that genuinely didn’t work out.

Ask for Change

Asking for change is a simple, yet often overlooked method to get cash, particularly in scenarios where you’re not looking to make a significant purchase. 

In 2023, with the increased prevalence of digital transactions, this tactic takes on a new relevance, especially when you’re trying to get cash back on debit card without buying anything substantial.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Walk into a grocery or retail store.
  2. Make a minimal purchase with your credit card – perhaps something as insignificant as a pack of gum for $1.
  3. Ask the cashier to charge you a higher amount, say $20, and ask for the extra money in cash back.
  4. The cashier should give you the gum, and $19 in the form of cash. 

This way, you’re not only getting the item you paid for but also the cash you need. It’s a neat trick, especially in smaller, local stores where cashiers are more likely to accommodate such requests.

This method can be particularly useful if you’re using a credit card that offers cash back on every purchase. Even though you’re making a minimal purchase, you’re still eligible to earn a small percentage back.

So, not only do you get the cash you need, but you also earn a bit of cash back in the process. However, it’s important to note that this strategy has its limitations.

Larger stores or chains such as Walmart or CostCo might have policies against giving cash back in this manner, especially if you’re using a credit card.

Additionally, there’s usually a limit to how much cash you can request in change, often dictated by the purchase amount or store policies.

Small Purchases With Credit Or Debit Cards

The concept of making a small purchase for cash back is a clever financial tactic, especially in 2023, when carrying cash has become less common.

This method involves using your credit or debit card to buy something minor at a retail store or grocery store and then requesting cash back at the checkout. It’s a smart way to get cash without the need for an ATM or making a significant purchase.

Let’s break down how you can use this to your advantage. Say you’re at a grocery store, and you only need a small item, like a bottle of water. At the checkout, you can use your card to make the purchase and then ask the cashier if you can receive cash back.

This is common in many stores, including large chains like Walmart. Often, there’s a limit to how much cash back you can request, but it’s typically sufficient for small needs.

Now, if you’re using a credit card, this method gets even more interesting. Some credit cards offer cash rewards on every purchase.

By making these small purchases and getting cash back, you’re not only getting the cash you need but also earning rewards on the transaction. It’s a double win.

One insider detail to note: while this method is widely accepted, some stores might have specific policies about cash back, especially when paying with a credit card.

It’s less common for credit card transactions to offer cash back compared to debit card purchases, mainly due to the different processing fees involved.

What Is A Cash Back?

Cash back is a way for you to earn money back on your purchases, acting almost like a rebate. For example, when you buy groceries at a store like Walmart, paying with a debit card might allow you to request cash back at checkout.

This means you can withdraw a certain amount of cash, added to your purchase amount, without needing to visit an ATM.

Credit cards take this concept further. Many credit card companies offer cash rewards, where a percentage of your card purchases is returned as cash back. This can either be credited to your statement, reducing your bill, or accumulated to withdraw as cash.

Get Cash Back Without Buying Anything: Credit and Debit Card Hack

The beauty of this system is its simplicity – you earn cash back on every purchase, from groceries to gas stations, making it an easy way to get cash rewards without extra effort.

An insider tip: some credit cards offer higher cash-back percentages in specific categories like online purchases or dining. By choosing a card that aligns with your spending habits, you can maximize your cash-back earnings.

Remember, while cash advances on credit cards also provide cash, they often come with fees and higher interest rates. So, using your card for regular purchases or choosing the cash-back option at a store checkout is usually the best way to benefit from this feature.

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