Can You Get Pre-Approved for a Walmart Credit Card?

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Obtaining a Walmart Credit Card could be a beneficial move if you frequently shop at Walmart or use its online services. The process for getting pre-approved for a Walmart Credit Card is straightforward and user-friendly, providing potential cardholders with an opportunity to check their eligibility without impacting their credit score. Pre-approval is a helpful step to gauge the likelihood of being accepted for a Walmart Credit Card, which offers a range of rewards, such as cashback on Walmart purchases.

Can You Get Pre-Approved for a Walmart Credit Card?
Can You Get Pre-Approved for a Walmart Credit Card?

The pre-approval process does not require a hard credit inquiry, hence it will not affect your credit score. If you decide to proceed with a formal application after receiving pre-approval, you’ll gain access to various benefits once approved. These can include rewards for purchases made at, including pickup and delivery services. It’s also beneficial to understand the credit score requirements and other criteria needed for better chances of approval, ensuring that the Walmart Credit Card aligns with your financial habits and goals.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pre-approval for a Walmart Credit Card is available online and does not affect your credit score.
  • Benefits of the Walmart Credit Card include cashback on purchases at Walmart and
  • Understanding your credit score and meeting application requirements improve your approval odds.

Exploring Walmart Credit Cards

When you’re considering a Walmart Credit Card, you have two main options to choose from, each with its unique rewards system that could benefit your shopping experience.

Types of Walmart Credit Cards

Capital One offers two types of Walmart Credit Cards: the Walmart Rewards® Card and the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®. The Walmart Rewards® Card is a store card, which means you can only use it at Walmart stores,, and for Walmart and Murphy USA fuel purchases. On the other hand, the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard® is accepted everywhere Mastercard® is accepted, giving you more versatility with your spending.

Understanding the Rewards System

The rewards system for Walmart Credit Cards focuses on cash back. With the Walmart Rewards® Card, you can earn a certain percentage of cash back for purchases made at, including pickup and delivery. The Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard® extends cash back rewards beyond Walmart purchases.

  • Walmart Purchases:
    • Earn 5% cash back at
    • Earn rewards for in-store purchases when using Walmart Pay for the first year and a different rate thereafter.
  • Mastercard® Purchases:
    • Earn cash back on purchases at restaurants and travel.
    • Earn cash back on all other purchases where Mastercard® is accepted.

By opting for a Walmart Credit Card, especially the Mastercard® version, you’re not just limited to earning rewards at Walmart, but you also get the flexibility to earn rewards on all of your everyday purchases.

Application Process

When seeking a Walmart Credit Card, it’s essential to understand eligibility, the differences between applying in-store and online, and what to expect regarding instant approval and receiving a temporary shopping pass.

Eligibility and Requirements

To apply for a Walmart Credit Card, you must meet certain eligibility criteria:

It’s crucial to check your credit score beforehand as it influences the approval decision.

Applying In-Store vs Online


  • Visit a Walmart store and apply at the register or kiosk.
  • A store associate can assist you with the process.


  • Go to the Walmart Credit Card page.
  • Click on “See if I’m Pre-Approved” to check your odds without hurting your credit score.

Instant Approval and Temporary Shopping Pass

If you meet the requirements, you may receive instant approval:

  • Approved applicants can get a temporary shopping pass to use immediately in-store or online.
  • This pass usually lasts for 24 hours or until you register your official card once it arrives.

Using Your Walmart Credit Card

Can You Get Pre-Approved for a Walmart Credit Card?
Can You Get Pre-Approved for a Walmart Credit Card?

Your Walmart Credit Card opens the door to convenient shopping, whether online, in-store, or on the go. You’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, such as cash back rewards, and the ease of managing your account with the mobile app.

Making Purchases

  • & Walmart app: Use your card for 5% cash back on items purchased online including grocery pickup and delivery services.
  • Walmart stores & Walmart Pay: When shopping in-store, you can seamlessly pay using Walmart Pay through the Walmart app for a quick and secure checkout process.
  • Fuel stations: Receive discounts on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations, making your card handy for more than just shopping.
  • Electronics, groceries, food, and more: Your card can be used for all types of purchases at Walmart, from the latest tech to your weekly groceries.

Exclusive Cardholder Benefits

  • Cash Back: Earn 5% cash back on purchases made through or via the Walmart app, and 2% cash back on Walmart store purchases and fuel stations.
  • Special Financing Offers: Occasionally, you might be eligible for special financing options on larger purchases, helping you manage your budget.

Managing Your Account via Mobile App

  • Account Overview: Track your balance, view transactions, and check your cash back earnings all through the Walmart app.
  • Security: Set up alerts and keep an eye on account activity to ensure your card’s security.
  • Payments: Easy payment options allow you to pay your bill directly through the app.

Use your Walmart Credit Card smartly to maximize its benefits and manage your shopping and spending efficiently.

Understanding Credit Card Terms

When exploring the possibility of getting pre-approved for a Walmart credit card, it’s crucial to grasp the finer points of credit card terms. These details will directly impact how you use your card and manage your finances.

Interest Rates and APR

Interest Rates specify the cost you pay annually for borrowing money on your credit card. It’s represented as a percentage of your balance. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a more comprehensive figure that includes the interest rate and other charges. Typically, credit card offers might feature different APRs for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. It’s key to note that some credit cards offer a low introductory APR that can increase after a certain period.

  • Purchases: This is the rate applied to everyday buying transactions.
  • Cash Advances: Generally higher than the purchase rate, applied when you use your card for cash.

Credit Card Fees

Various fees can be applied to a credit card account, impacting the overall cost of access to credit. Here are specific fees to watch out for:

  • Annual Fee: Some credit cards charge a fee each year for use of the card. Cards offered by Capital One, including co-branded ones like the Walmart credit card, often have no annual fee, which can be a financial relief.

Card Issuer Fees:

  • Late Payment: Charged when you fail to make the minimum payment by the due date.
  • Foreign Transaction: Incurred when you make a purchase in a foreign currency.
  • Balance Transfer: Applied when moving a balance from one card to another, usually a percentage of the transferred amount.

It’s worth regularly checking your credit reports from major bureaus like TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian to ensure your credit activity is accurately reflected, which can affect your card’s terms.

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